"5 Ways To Strengthen and Shape Your Core"

Your Core is one of the most important parts to your body. It affects your Abs, Obliques and Lower Back which is essential towards your daily performance. Here are 5 easy ways you can improve the strength and appearance of your Core.

1. Drink 6-7 Bottles of Water a day- Fresh water is so important to drink everyday. It allows your body to detoxify itself which will help flush out harmful toxins. This will also force you to use the bathroom a little bit more then the usual. But it'll help shrink the appearance of your stomach and help your body to absorb nutrients better then it did before.

Helpful Tip- One thing to do to increase your water consumption is to carry bottled water with yourself everywhere you go. This forces you to drink water because it's right in front of your face when your thirsty. One of my favorite bottles of water is Poland Springs.

2. Don't over eat- When you over eat it takes your body longer to break and digest food. This will give you a bloated look. Which is probably not the look your going for.

Tip- Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Drink water when you eat because it'll help fill your stomach up so that you don't eat a big meal.

3. Exercise your upper and lower Ab muscles- By exercising your Abs it'll help burn fat around your stomach area which will help flatten your stomach. Make sure as your exercising that you target both upper and lower ab muscles. The lower ab muscles are important to focus on because that's an area where we all need work on.

Tip- One great exercise move that targets your lower abs is called "The Reverse Crunch".


4. Exercise your Obliques- Your obliques AKA "Love Handles" are located on the sides of your core. To target your obliques you will have to do exercises that involve twisting and side bending movements.

Tip- One exercise that can strengthen your Obliques is called "The Side Plank".


5. Exercise and Stretch your Lower Back- Your lower back is such an important area to work on. By exercising and stretching your lower back you will help improve your posture as well as reduce lower back pain which is very common.

Tip- One great exercise that will help strengthen your lower back is called "The Prone Back Extension". One great stretch you can do is called the "Extension".

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