Karidis T.

Lost over 70lbs

In 16 months I have been able to lose over 65lbs. I Dropped from a size 18 to a 6. I would say this journey was definitley all worth it. This wasn't what you call a "Easy quick fix.

Trena O.

Lost over 40lbs

If you want to be the best...you have to surround yourself with the best! And Five More and Breathe Fitness is it! I have been training here with Danny for a year. I do Zumba and kickboxing; as well as I had some personal training sessions. The workouts are fun, yet challenging! You will never get bored. The workouts are always pushing you to the next level. I am the strongest I have ever been because of him. If you want a trainer that is nice, who challenges you and who will motivate and push you to achieve your fitness goals then Danny is your man!

Linda C.

Lost over 45lbs

I am 57 years old and I am incredibly strong from head to toe. That is the key with Danny -- every workout is a full body workout. We maximize our time together as he guides me through a workout that hits every muscle in my body. There's no waiting for leg day or upper body day, we challenge it all at once! There is nothing repetitive about Danny's workouts, they are always fresh and TOUGH!

He is the best kept secret in fitness in Orange County, New York!

Amy B.

Lost over 55lbs

I am so happy that I made that decision back in November 2011 to train with Danny and will always be thankful for all he has taught me and helped me achieve. Not only did I lose 60lbs but I became stronger not only physically but mentally as well. Even though we no longer train I know that he is still there for support and guidance if needed!


lost over 15lbs

Rozy C.

Lost over 75lbs

Jennifer M.

Lost over 25lbs

Kenny D.

Lost over 35lbs

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