28 Day Summer

Get It Right, Get it tight


It's Almost Time to Unpack Those Short Shorts, Tank Tops and Bathing Suits...

"Who Else Wants to Drop a Size (or 2) in 28 Days & Look Amazing This Summer?"


the Five More and Breathe Fitness

28 Day Online Summer

"Get it Right, Get it Tight" Challenge

You're going to get everything you need to succeed in the 3 key areas of a successful fat loss plan:

1. Exercise: We put together a really special calorie crushing program specifically for the 28-Day Summer Get it Right, Get it Tight Challenge. This workout is guaranteed to fire up any sluggish metabolism, tighten the most stubborn body parts, and chisel a crazy sexy core!

2. Education: We're going to kick off the 28-Day Challenge with a detailed workshop that walks you through the entire program. Plus receive daily health and fitness tips so you can maximize your results & look your best this Summer!

3. Support: We will be in your corner every day being available to answer questions and provide support in our Virtual App access. Personal Trainer Danny will contact you for 28 Days straight, EVERYDAY to give you a weight loss tips that will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals for Summer!!

What are you Getting from this program?

In- App access to your work outs and calendar from your smart phone

Video exercise demonstrations and work out routine instructions

Online coaching provides motivation, support and accountability

Nutrition eating guides and 28 days of daily health, weight loss and fitness tips