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Exercise Equipment

This Package Includes:
  • 1 Orange Band
  • 1 Red Band
  • 1 Black Band
  • 1 Dynamic Stabilizer Band
  • Free RBT Sport Training Bag

Who should purchase this package

The Core Activation Package is designed for young athletes, less experienced fitness enthusiasts, seniors or individuals that need to work on core stability. This package is also a great strength training package for middle school athletes, middle school and high school softball athletes as well as general youth fitness.

Don’t be fooled by the name, all band training can be core training therefore the bands in this package can function also like any other single band packages when it comes to strength. However with the addition of the dynamic stabilizer, you now have the ability to train hip stability as well as trunk stability. Keep in mind that if you want to perform attached band training you will need to consider adding in a Band Utility Strap so you can train anywhere using both attachment free and attached band training.

Watch D'Artagnan Danny Cortes perform a full body work out routine with 4 exercises using loop resistance bands at the park!

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