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 -Karidis Tubo
    At 225lbs I knew, had read, and almost tried everything for short period of time to lose weight and keep it off. Then came the PUSH internally from myself and outside from a fitness trainer D’Artagnan "Danny" Cortes. Well that sounds great but it wasn’t. I began at such a poor fitness level that a sit-up was out of the question not in this lifetime, and my mental fitness was non-existent. Was this trainer crazy, you want me to do what, how, breathe, think, squeeze, and whatever, that’s not happening. But for some weird crazy reason I kept returning each Wednesday.
 I must say he was more than patient with me. At the end of my nine week "Get Started Fitness Program" I continued training with D'Artagnan. I figured why start over with someone else and what could possibly be worse. Boy I had a lot to learn. Several weeks after making this decision I didn’t set up the appointment, and then the calls came. Hey it’s me Danny and just wanting to know when we’re getting together for your training. Relentless, okay so now I had made a commitment and there was accountability. So it began two days I met with Danny and some progress was made with weight loss and trying to breathe without coughing up a lung.
  By month three the program changed including killer Saturdays and increasing cardio.  Bear crawls, torpedoing medicine balls, jump ups, choke rope jumping (I finally figured out how not to entangle myself in the rope), backwards rope jumping, and death intervals many of which I thought I would not survive. As a matter of fact I think the spectators in the gym thought the same and was glad it wasn’t them.
  Taking it to another level, July brought running by October I ran my first 5K, screaming on the phone at the finish line to Danny "I did it". 2011 has brought the challenge of body sculpting or “chiseling “: pushups, pull- ups core, arms, arms, arms, did I mention arms? You name it I think he’ll find it.
 Each week I attended a class when I wasn’t training 1 on 1 with D'Artagnan. I do stretching, Boot camp and abs classes. On the weekends I do Zumba classes with D'Artagnan. In a year I have been able to lose over 75lbs. I Dropped from a size 18 to a 6. I would say this journey was definitley all worth it. This wasn't what you call a "Easy quick fix. I just increased my activity and daily exercise which has given me better awareness on making smarter choices. This has redefined my life giving me a fitness balance.

- Betty Bianchi

    After years of yo-yo dieting and various weight loss programs, I decided to join the gym.  I was interested in the Zumba classes.  After one of Danny’s Zumba classes I was hooked!  The class was a fun workout.  Shortly after I joined the gym, I lost my job and had to leave.  My weight loss battle continued and I was left feeling like a “lost cause”. 

    Years later, I went to numerous gyms in the area but I could not find that fun workout that I had experience in Danny’s classes.  So I decided to rejoin his classes once again.  I started in his Zumba classes and later joined Danny’s Light and Lively class.  

I was excited to be exercising again, being challenged but most importantly having fun!  Danny’s natural state of enthusiasm and high energy kept my excitement for the following day’s classes.   There were days when I did not feel the energy to do class, but Danny’s encouragement motivated me to give it my all.  His positive reinforcement and praises kept me going and believing in me.
    Sure enough, I began to see the weight come off!  I had finally found what triggered my weight loss.  I began to attend Danny’s Cardio Caliente Class, which involves weights.  With Danny’s professional fitness advice, I began to challenge my body with various workouts. When I came to a weight loss plateau, Danny helped me as well. I received many suggestions on ways to change up my workouts and challenge my body to continue to loss the weight.
    After 4 ½ months, I have lost 20 lbs and I am 3 pant sizes down!  Never, have I been able to loss 20 lbs on my own.  I only have 5 more pounds to reach my goal!  I am confident that with Danny’s Zumba & Cardio Caliente Classes, and numerous other advices, plus his constant encouraging words, “Always Challenge Yourself, Breath, You Can Do It, Do 5 More, Awesome” I will accomplish my goal. I look forward to training with Danny for many more years to come.  I am excited to continue my fitness regimen.  I am grateful to Danny for caring for people.

- Amy Boyce

I started training with Danny in November of 2011.  It was supposed to be a few sessions, maybe a few weeks just to get some ideas for working out on my own.  Well we ended up training together for just over a year and a half.  He quickly proved he was able to help me in my weight loss journey not that I ever doubted he could.  I saw what he had done with a previous client and was very impressed with that!

We started with twice weekly sessions and then we moved into 3 times a week.  Danny came into every session with an upbeat attitude and ready to go and to push me to do things I never thought I would or could!   There were plenty of times that I would think he has lost his mind I can’t do that and then bam I did it!  

Bear crawls around the track (forward and then backwards!) kettle bell swings with 25lb weight, running up and down the stairs with a weighted ball above my head, boxing and squatting with 155lbs to name a few. I remember Danny telling me “you basically just squatted me”, looking at it that way is insane!  He also got me into running before training with Danny I couldn’t run on the treadmill for a minute without stopping and feeling like I was going to die.  Now I can and did run a 5K! 

While Danny always pushed me to do things he never pushed me into anything that I truly couldn’t do.   I trusted what he said I could do and went with it.  He has always worked with me at whatever level I was at and knew when I was ready for the next level.  Since day one I knew that he believed in me and what I can do and that truly helped me be able to believe in myself to do these things.  I am so happy that I made that decision back in November 2011 to train with Danny and will always be thankful for all he has taught me and helped me achieve.   Not only did I lose 60lbs but I became stronger not only physically but mentally as well.  Even though we no longer train I know that he is still there for support and guidance if needed! 

-Linda C.
D'Artagnan "Danny" Cortes is the best at what he does --everything to bring you to your personal highest level of health and fitness. I have hypothyroidism and was completely frustrated with trying to lose weight, and resigned to the fact that it was impossible because of my thyroid disease. I had worked out on my own and with other trainers, but I just didn't get results to be excited about. 
As soon as I met with Danny, he made me try things that I would never consider doing -- like jumping over a bench! He knows what is possible for you as his trainee soon after meeting with you and asking a few questions about goals and lifestyle. He then gets to work finding out the exact types of exercises to incorporate into his training that will work for you. 
His goal is to make you fulfill your greatest physical condition potential, and he does! Whether he is leading a group class or guiding a personal training session, Danny gives it his all in maximizing return on your investment of time and money. Even my doctor had said that while I might lose a few pounds now that my medication was regulated for my thyroid, I would have a difficult time taking it off and keeping it off. That has not been true since I started training with Danny and even my doctor is amazed by the results he has brought for me. My goals became his goals and he was determined to make sure I overcame my challenge. 
He incorporated metabolic conditioning into my workouts, which was exactly what my sluggish thyroid needed to kick it into gear! Any weight that I still need to take off now is simply because I slack off on my end of the deal with watching my food and wine intake! 
I am 57 years old and I am incredibly strong from head to toe. That is the key with Danny -- every workout is a full body workout. We maximize our time together (one-hour session twice per week) because he guides me through a workout that hits every muscle in my body. There's no waiting for leg day or upper body day, we challenge it all at once! There is nothing repetitive about Danny's workouts, they are always fresh and TOUGH!
He is always researching new exercises and mixes it up so I am never bored. Training with Danny will be the greatest investment you will ever make in improving your health and overall conditioning. He trains young and old alike, so don't hesitate to reach out to him no matter your age or fitness level. 
He is the best kept secret in fitness in Orange County, New York! Check him out on YouTube and exercise along with him to see for yourself!